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Many people come to a point in life where they question their priorities and realise something has to change. But it’s often easier said than done, especially when you are so close to the problem, and you can’t see a way forward. 

I’m Leigh Morrison, career coach and founder of be. Coaching. The name is inspired by my favourite question, to my clients and myself, ‘who are you being?’ It encapsulates my view that we can all choose who we want to be. In a single moment, in our lives, and certainly in our careers. 

A meaningful career that lights you up—let’s do it  

Together with the be. Coaching team, my mission is to help others show up as their best selves in life, relationships, and at work.  


20+ years of experience in advertising, marketing and communications 

certified HBDI personality assessment practitioner 

official coach in The Marketing Academy program in Australia 

certified KRI kundalini yoga and meditation teacher 

12 years of experience as a leading Melbourne career and leadership coach and founder of be. Coaching 

10+ years of experience in people and culture roles, employee experience and consulting to HR tech organisations

previously served on the International Coaching Federation NSW leadership team 

2021 B&T Best of the Best Finalist in the Mentor category 

Bachelor of Communication from the University of Canberra 

My Career Coaching


Coaching can be fun and transformative 

leigh morrison

People think coaching is all serious and deep-and-meaningful, and sometimes it is. 

But it’s also fun. Lighthearted. Joyous. 

Embracing the person you truly want to be — that’s pretty exciting. It’s an honour for me to facilitate and witness the change you’ll experience. I believe there’s a link between energy and performance. So when you harness that link (and use it for good), great things happen — at work, in life, and deep within yourself. 

Most important lesson: 

'Keep up and you'll be kept up,' a kundalini lesson which captures how the universe conspires to help when you show up and do the work

I started be. Coaching to:

Show people that change is possible when you live by your values, have emotional agility, and take inspired action

My favourite hobby:

I could easily disappear walking in nature all day, only my family doesn’t let me meander for long these days

I’m obsessed with:

What I am currently into


The sounds of my son’s laughter

Most inspiring quote: 

Be the change you want to see in the world 

My go-to experts are:

Brené Brown is my fave guru and I’m inspired by Susan David’s work on emotional agility


If I narrow it down to one, it's Spain where I walked the Camino De Santiago

 Guessing your star sign when we meet (I have a 70% accuracy rate!) 

My coaching approach

I started be. Coaching to inspire people to be the change they wish to see. Over a decade later, I love to witness an impact ripple in my clients’ lives when they meet themselves. What follows is improvements in their relationships, family connections and working lives. The effect is contagious; the lives of everyone close to them are improved too. 

My clients feel safe and secure working with me, and by creating this space, they can truly explore the depths of who they are and get the results they want to achieve. 

I’m very proud that I get a lot of business from referrals—my clients are so happy with the work we do together, they tell friends, family and colleagues about me.
Through my coaching practice, my vision is to guide one million people-leaders through a recalibration process in the next 10 years. Ambitious? Yes. But I delight in a goal that’s 80% exciting, 20% scary. 


The founder of be. Coaching

‘Leigh got me really thinking about my values and what is important to me, which I haven't ever really taken the time to think deeply about. I'm working on applying lots of things that we talked about to my life more holistically - how I parent, the quality of my relationships, how I interact even with strangers, and so on.’

Elika, B2B Marketing, Yahoo! 

“With her incredible ability to understand people and their patterns and blockages, Leigh ever so gently, yet powerfully, changed my life. Investing in her coaching has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.” 

Angie, Customer Experience Director, Hairydog 

“Leigh guided me to a place I could never reach alone. You’ll love Leigh. She is sharp as hell, with a calm and peaceful power. Perfect mix.” 

Jules, CEO & Founder, Tribe 

“Leigh's calm, genuine, trustworthy nature helped me define what it is I want to create in my life, and acknowledge and release the things holding me back.” 

Hayley, Sponsorship & Partnerships Manager, Marketing industry

“Her advice and guidance has had massive benefits on my work, my professional skills, and also my approach to life. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without her.” 

Callum, Media Account Manager, Take Two Marketing

“Leigh's calm, genuine, trustworthy nature helped me define what it is I want to create in my life, and acknowledge and release the things holding me back.” 

Elika, B2B Marketing, Yahoo! 

‘Leigh is collaborative, calm and quietly influential. She is a dream to work with.’

Lauren, Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

‘Leigh is incredible at making the most nervous person in the room comfortable.’ 

Adele, Director, 31st:Second


Nothing thrills my heart more than getting positive testimonials from my clients.

I’m blushing

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