Your life is about to get really good

Self-paced Coaching Program


Do you constantly try to start new good habits — but it never lasts? 
Are you living out of alignment with what is really important in your life? 

Together, we’ll work on identifying your values and improve the decisions you make in:

  • The specific shifts you need to make to improve your happiness and wellbeing
  • Stepping into being a more fulfilled, driven and generous person in the world 

Self-paced Coaching Program

The good news -

This course will never close and you will have lifetime access to the content, exercises and tools. Get started now, and receive updates to the program as I improve it.

The good news -

this course will never close and you will have lifetime access to the content, exercises and tools. Get started now, and receive updates to the program as I improve it.

Focus on a specific intention that you’d like to change or achieve

Understand why you’ve struggled with self sabotage or inconsistency

Learn how to consciously and intentionally create the life you desire




Make a powerful shift in your life...

Can’t commit to coaching one-on-one with Leigh or in a group? Then this course is for you. Join my coaching community and have access to all the tools and exercises from my real-time coaching programs, available when you need it, at a time that suits you. It’s coaching on your schedule.

With recalibrate you will take action to actively address a single issue in your life. After all, making a change is as simple as deciding what you want and going for it! So why do we overcomplicate things? 

You’ll safely explore the reasons you’re holding yourself back and smash through any limiting beliefs, bad habits or negative thinking to achieve real and lasting change. 

Better still, you’ll learn lifelong skills in value-setting, resilience, and taking action to achieve your goals.

Tell me this

Does your inner self match your outer persona?

Are these things happening in your life?

You swore you'd change 12 months ago - but here you are, and nothing's different

You desperately want to achieve something but it’s not happening — frustrating! 

You feel envious of others who've changed their lives and want to know their secrets

Time to make a change that lasts 

Is there a problem you want to overcome, a goal you want to reach or a quality you’d like to cultivate? 

recalibrate will move you forward in unexpected ways. 

It begins with you selecting the challenge you want to tackle. This could be something like: 

Address a single issue or challenge in your life 

However, recalibrate is not suitable if you are looking to work on psychological challenges like treating anxiety or healing from trauma.

  • Eliminating people pleasing
  • Improving your leadership skills 
  • Finding the right career direction 
  • Learning how to manage negative self talk or imposter syndrome
  • Understanding why you are holding yourself back

What’s included:


private 1:1 coaching
call with me

20 exercises, assessments and reflections


life long tools

welcome pack

Deep dive into a specific topic at the start, middle or end of the coaching program

Complete activities, reflections and self-assessments to build your awareness, confidence and drive 

Learn the principles of recalibrate, how to move through change (now and again) and get to know yourself better

Receive a welcome pack journal to track your journey, reflections and insights.

Get intimate coaching exercises, videos and tools with me at the time that suits you

Track your progress, reflect on the shifts made and see change reflected in your inner and outer world

  • Identify and direct life around your values
  • Challenge, unpick or relay foundational beliefs
  • Make different choices regarding how you behave towards yourself and others

What is the calibration process? 

recalibrate helps you assess where you are now, then experiment and learn what shifts can be made to direct you towards where you want to be. 

By understanding what matters to you most, you can:

Build the foundations of a lasting and nourishing relationship with yourself that will allow you to navigate any changes in your life. Decide what you want life to look like and make it happen!

Hi, I’m Leigh Morrison

Meet your recalibrate coach 

I want you to step into your biggest, most alive self. So I created my signature group program, recalibrate, based on a decade of coaching nearly one thousand people. During my coaching career, I’ve gained an intricate understanding of what really matters to people. As such, I’ve been honoured to facilitate and witness people finding reserves of resilience, determination and self love they never knew lay dormant within them. 

With me by their side, I’ve helped people radically change their mindset, their career or their lives. Not all changes are grandiose, sudden or dramatic. In fact, some of the greatest changes people make can be slow-burning, yet incredibly deep-seated and powerful. 

The recalibrate program is carefully constructed to take you on a systematic journey of magically unstoppable, hope-filled renewal of what really, truly, deep-down matters. 

Get an Info Pack

To keep the momentum

To see you create life your way

Shift your energy and focus to live life on your terms, with truly ingrained healthy habits. 

To build a ripple effect

Get accountability as you transition towards a more aligned, values-driven life. 

Your favourite people will find your new-found energy infectious! 


My three intentions for the recalibrate program



“Deeply embedded change happens when you make the choice to be the change”

One payment of

including GST



‘Leigh is collaborative, calm and quietly influential. She is a dream to work with.’


She is a dream to work with.’

‘Leigh’s approach is kind, generous, yet results-oriented. She makes people feel comfortable to open up whilst establishing firm expectations and holding them accountable. As a facilitator, Leigh is a master at engaging large groups in a remote setting and building relationships on screen, and as a trainer she is inspirational and engaging. Leigh has helped our business navigate many leadership challenges, and turned them into opportunities, and has been a wonderful support to our teams.’

Manon Pietra – Regional Head of People & Development, PHD APAC
Manon Pietra – Regional Head of People & Development, PHD APAC

‘Inspirational and engaging’

‘We have engaged Leigh to coach some of our most senior leaders, with great success and feedback. Leigh always provides insight from a wider perspective on how our approach to people impacts the whole organisation beyond the people she is directly working with. Her balance of leadership coaching, wellbeing practices and experience in the industry ensures she delivers expert guidance to our team.’

Melanie, National Head of Talent, JWT

‘Always provides insight form a wider perspective’

‘Leigh is commanding yet calm, almost subdued in her manner and approach (and amazingly assertive). Leigh is incredible at making the most nervous person in the room comfortable. She has taken all staff through an intensive Emotional Intelligence workshop – it’s early days, but we have already seen an improvement. Leigh is a part of the team and welcomes anyone that needs extra guidance. She is highly valued and respected by all.’

Adele, Director, 31st:Second 

‘Leigh is incredible at making the most nervous person in the room comfortable.’

‘Leigh has helped our management team explore and clarify our vision and values, through collaborative sessions and detailed action plans. Leigh’s calm, careful input combined with her excellent coaching skills ensures her guidance is precisely targeted and perfectly judged. She is an extension of The Hallway’s family and we love having her around.’

Hannah, Head of Operations, The Hallway

‘Her guidance is precisely targeted and perfectly judged’

Through Leigh’s support we have focused on what we value, what our clients value about us, and how best to align both. The result is a business that has a new confidence and direction, with the tools to make it happen.’ 

James, General Manager, Playground 

‘[We have] new confidence and direction’

‘Leigh’s holistic approach of observing both parts of our lives (personal and business) enables us to grow and decipher new paths and be in tune with all aspects of our lives. We are still using tools Leigh coached us on, and feel a great sense of accomplishment when we complete each task. We look to our future with strength and excitement, and welcome new developments and growth – with gratitude to Leigh.’

Aimee, Founder, Tiger & Peacock 

‘We are still using tools Leigh coached us on’ 

‘Everyone is incredibly thrilled with the response overall, but primarily with people’s engagement around the values, mission and strategic direction of the organisation. Much of this had to do with the inaugural all staff offsite, where your education and facilitation to garner the team's input and ideas into our values, behaviours and strategic priorities, helped foster high engagement.’

Fiona, National Director, People & Culture, The Stroke Foundation 

‘Your input… helped foster high engagement’


Testimonials for my coaching programs 

Who is recalibrate for?

  • Interested in living a life more aligned to what is important to them 
  • Struggling to achieve this on their own
  • Ready to live consciously and by their own definitions 
  • Wanting more clarity and fulfilment in their life 
  • Wanting to set and achieve something worthwhile to them
  • Sensing they need to make a change however aren’t sure where to start or get support
  • Leading teams and/ or businesses 
  • A parent/ carer of children looking to have a values-based approach 
  • Looking to nourish themselves and improve their sense of wellbeing.

This program is perfect for anyone who is: 

The recalibrate 

Define your

Cultivate your presence

Your big intention

Know your values so you can influence change from deep within and align to what is important to you.

The benefits of setting a clear intention and identifying your intention for the program.

Learn how to connect with yourself at any moment.

Recalibrate your communication

Who are you being?

Recalibrate your energy

Change your inner conversations to be helpful. Align your beliefs to your values to your narrative.

Know what boosts and drains your energy and reset your rituals to support wellbeing.

Embed changes made and
how to use the tools again in
the future.

Harness the inner parts of your being to show up as your best self more often.

lesson eight

lesson seven

lesson nine


lesson two

lesson one

lesson three

your focus

Strengthen your boundaries

Discover the tools and skills to manage what you say yes or no to, and consider how this aligns back to your values.

Assess and reset daily practices that focus your attention in the right areas.

lesson five

lesson four

lesson six

Onboarding into the program

An in-depth welcome to the program, the modules and what to expect. Includes understanding the principles of change, an assessment and reflection of where you are right now and where you want to be.

With recalibrate, you get weekly lessons at the onset, and ideally, you’d be able to dedicate more hours to the program during these early weeks. After that, the remainder of the program is dedicated to providing support as you integrate the lessons into your daily life. 

Recalibrate your relationship


Coaching exercises, assessments and reflections

VALUED AT $2,200

valued at $550

90 minute 1 on 1 coaching call

Bespoke coaching

valued at $2,200

Packed with 



including GST

One payment of

including GST


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recalibrate FAQ

After coaching nearly 1,000 people over ten years, I’ve tested several programs, and found that six months is the ideal time to achieve the deep transformational change this program offers. 

The program takes you through onboarding and a process to identify your intention. Keep in mind that recalibrate is not an alternative treatment for psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, addiction or trauma recovery. 

I’ll send you an email once the program is purchased and you’ve commenced onboarding to set up a time that suits us both for 90 minutes.

The entire course is run online, using a platform called Podia, the coaching call with Leigh will be live and hosted via Zoom.

The amount of time you commit to taking action is entirely up to you. I would recommend a minimum of 2 hours to review the content and another hour to complete the exercises. However, those who allocate more time will likely enjoy the most benefits from the program, having more opportunities to practice, reflect and learn about themselves. 

Yes, you can email me, or we can discuss any deeper questions you have in the one on one coaching call. 

If you participate in the onboarding and first two weeks of the course, and do the work required, and you’re not satisfied with the program, you can request a refund. After this stage, there will be no refunds, unless there are compassionate grounds. 

Yes of course, send me an email or book a discovery call to have your questions answered. 

I’m sure you’ve already tried a few things, talking to friends or family, reading a few books, or a DIY program. But if you still haven’t achieved the lasting change you dream of, you need to explore a different way. When you take a DIY approach, your motivation fades and you haven’t got anyone to challenge you, guide you or hold you accountable. With recalibrate, you get the support and accountability you need to take lasting action and change your life. 

Get in touch


Got more questions? 

I am happy to answer any questions. 


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