Turn your career vision into pinch-yourself reality. Do the inner work to become the leader and person you know hides within. Because when you live in sync with your values, everyday decisions are easier and less anxiety-ridden. Honestly? It’s bliss. If you are ready to live more meaningfully — at work and at home — I can help. 

My career & leadership coaching services 

1:1 career and leadership coaching

Choose from a variety of 1:1 coaching programs for leaders and managers, focusing on driving transformational change.
Programs include:


  • Sustainable Leadership coaching
  • Career Direction mentoring
  • Supporting ‘People’ People mentoring
  • Manager to Leader coaching
  • Other bespoke coaching programs

self-paced coaching program

Can’t commit to coaching one-on-one with Leigh or in a group? Then this course is for you. Join my coaching community and have access to all the tools and exercises from my real-time coaching programs, available when you need it, at a time that suits you. It’s coaching on your schedule.

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  • 6 months+ of coaching content and exercises
  • Learn lifelong skills in value-setting, resilience and taking action to achieve your goals
  • Built in ways to keep you engaged, accountable and to embed change
  • Focus on a single challenge or goal and make drastic, value-driven change to achieve it
  • Start any time that suits you

High-performance team coaching

If your team is struggling with morale, motivation or retention issues, it’s time to turn things around. I offer a variety of team development coaching programs designed to support leaders and facilitate the complex culture change required for teams to thrive: 


  • Career development programs
  • Defining purpose, vision, values
  • Team behaviours and dynamics
  • Sustainable leadership practices
  • Emotional resilience training
  • Leadership skills and competencies

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