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Coaching for happy, productive workplaces 

Use an experienced
coach to steward your team
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Are you leading a team that isn’t as cohesive and productive as you’d like?

Would you like to build more harmony and productivity in your team?

Is unwanted conflict within your team distracting everybody from the bigger company goals? 

I can help. With more than twelve years of experience in business team coaching, I bring an impartial and non-judgemental perspective to your team. Working together we can strengthen team culture, improve productivity and focus on the things that really matter. What I call a team calibration. 

What to expect from working with me 

Help everyone show up as their best selves at work 

Develop a cohesive vision for the entire team

Support teams adjusting to new ways of working

Encourage more engagement, productivity and fun

Boost team resilience and emotional agility

Improve the team’s ability to manage productive conflict  

Teams report an average satisfaction rating of 93%

Perhaps you’re wondering if team coaching produces tangible outcomes. Particularly if you’ve experienced so-called team building days or workshops that were fun while they lasted, but did nothing to shift the culture of the team. 

I survey every team I work with, and my results are impressive, with an average overall satisfaction rating of 93%.
When teams are asked whether they achieved the outcomes desired, 86% agreed.
Some of the comments from coaching programs include: 
‘Just by listening to us, Leigh was able
to make us find a solution to one of
our issues at the time. The beauty of
this is that she did not provide the     
solution - we did.’

David, Head of Behavioural Science, 
Media industry

'Leigh offered some simple tools
and frameworks that helped us
move forward from a tricky
at work.’
James, General Manager, 

‘Leigh took us on a journey to   
getting back on track and
being a high performing team.’
Anny, Managing Director, Mediacom

How does working with me make an actual difference? 

Set up your leaders on an intimate 6-month leadership journey to unlock their values, and improve how they lead themselves and others, in areas of productivity, wellbeing, communication and relationships.

The brochure includes detailed information on the program benefits, outcomes, modules and tiered costs.

Equipping leaders
for the new world
of work

recalibrate Group Coaching program for Leaders


An important question for you

Are you struggling to improve team morale and culture?


Three signs your team is losing morale 

It doesn’t have to be this way

I’ve got the insights to help you unlock team performance

let's do it

Getting caught up in petty details and conflicts

Your team lacks focus and resilience and there is interpersonal conflict. Which means you’re dealing with daily squabbles while leaving your core mission unfulfilled. 

Dropping productivity and performance

Your team is struggling with burnout,
mental health challenges and lack
of clarity. Your team is less committed — or worse, resigning.

Feeling unappreciated and stressed 

Your people feel a loss of purpose, and motivation is waning, with frequent misunderstandings, mistakes and recriminations, which only impacts morale.




Business team coaching works if:

You’re ready to step up as a leader to drive positive change 
You’re ready to create a compelling purpose, vision and values for the team to embrace
You’re prepared to deal with dissenters who question or criticise the process  
You want to make true long-term change 
You realise deep transformation will take time (like, months!) and energy, and you’re invested!


Let’s chat about working together 

You’re not ready if:

You want a quick-fix change, implemented quickly 
You’re not prepared to change your leadership style 
You’ve pinned the workplace problems on one or two troublesome employees
You want your team to be ‘fixed’ without any top-down transformation 

Meet your coach!

Hi, I’m Leigh Morrison

I’m an experienced career coach and mentor here to help you improve your mindset, motivation and momentum. I believe everyone has the power to change their lives. It starts with taking responsibility. 


I have twelve years of experience and have worked with more than 900 clients, both as individuals and in group coaching programs. What makes my heart sing is my clients describing me as calm, welcoming and caring. 
Coaching is a deeply personal commitment, so I love that many of my clients keep coming back to me for ongoing support, and they refer friends, family and colleagues to me.

I have a diploma in Transpersonal Life Coaching from Nature Care College, and I’m a certified HBDI (Human Brain Dominance Instrument) practitioner. I’m also a five-year volunteer coach with non-profit The Marketing Academy Australia.

Teams I’ve worked with

I help others show up as their best selves at work, which enables a ripple effect on how they show up in the rest of their lives. 

I’ve guided many teams through a calibration (often when faced with an internal crisis), including adjustments to business or product strategy, vision and values, brand positioning, team purpose, dynamics and people planning. I give guidance, tools and skills to leaders in teams who provide trickle-down benefits to their people and clients. 

Any internal crisis provides us with lessons that we have an opportunity to reflect on and learn from. 

Understanding the causes of conflict and problems can provoke a conscious change. At work, people-leaders are the custodians of making this happen successfully and sustainably. 

We’re at a point in history where leaders have the difficult task of rethinking how  we work. From strategy and goals,  product and services, making tough financial and people decisions (all      done with a brave face). 

Leaders need greater insight into engagement and productivity. And teams need new ways to foster culture and stay connected. Meanwhile, managers and HR need rituals and processes to stay abreast of the problems, questions and fears of their teams – and new skills to manage uncharted terrain. 

I empower leaders to build teams and navigate challenging and complex working environments.


My team coaching                 


My team coaching

Success story:

PHD initially engaged Leigh to work with our Melbourne Leadership Team in helping them develop a team trademark and vision. Leigh gave the group tools to come together whilst defining their individual contributions and drawing  upon their values to better lead the agency. This work continued into support of the Melbourne team at an additional offsite in February 2021, and coaching support in the preceding 18 months due  to the adjustments and impacts of COVID-19 in Melbourne.

The work she did with this group of leaders was so powerful that, when we decided to invest in change leadership support for our National Executive team  in February 2020, following the appointment of our new CEO and several senior internal other promotions, Leigh was a natural choice.

Leigh not only helped the team find their feet in new roles and define ways of working; she also worked with our leaders to infuse humanity, vulnerability and empathy into their leadership approach and the way they lead PHD. Leigh was also involved in helping the team roll out PHD’s new global positioning, ensuring it had meaning locally for the Agency teams and clients.

What makes Leigh unique is her ability to develop long-lasting relationships, built on trust, with diverse personalities. Over the years, she has become a trusted partner and mentor to many of the leaders in our business, and is someone    I personally enjoy to draw upon in the face of uncertainty.

In 2021, PHD was recognised as the #1 Best Place to Work by the Australian Financial Review, a result which was supported by the strength of our leadership and the trust that our employees and clients place in our leaders. Having worked with our National Executive team as well as  our State-based Leadership teams over the years, Leigh’s approach and  guidance has deeply infused PHD’s culture, and I have no hesitation in saying that her influence has been paramount  to PHD’s recent success.

Manon Pietra – Regional Head of People & Development, PHD APAC


PHD Australia 

‘Leigh coached the executive team and myself during a period of significant change and transformation. She brought to the team a balanced approach of theory underpinned by research and practical sessions/workshops to take us on a journey to getting ‘back on track’ and becoming a high performing team. Leigh readily adapts her communication and coaching style to get the best out of the individuals and we’ve benefited significantly from her knowledge and guidance.’

Anny, Managing Director, Mediacom Melbourne 

‘We’ve benefited significantly from her knowledge and guidance.’

‘Leigh is commanding yet calm, almost subdued in her manner and approach (and amazingly assertive). Leigh is incredible at making the most nervous person in the room comfortable. She has taken all staff through an intensive Emotional Intelligence workshop – it’s early days, but we have already seen an improvement. Leigh is a part of the team and welcomes anyone that needs extra guidance. She is highly valued and respected by all.’

Adele, Director, 31st:Second 

‘Leigh is incredible at making the most nervous person in the room comfortable.’

‘Leigh has helped our management team explore and clarify our vision and values, through collaborative sessions and detailed action plans. Leigh’s calm, careful input combined with her excellent coaching skills ensures her guidance is precisely targeted and perfectly judged. She is an extension of The Hallway’s family and we love having her around.’

Hannah, Head of Operations, The Hallway

‘Her guidance is precisely targeted and perfectly judged’

‘Leigh has worked with our local management teams to create alignment of beliefs and values, strong leadership behaviours, purpose and unity. We have seen individuals grow into strong leaders and teams become united and successful in leading our business forward. Leigh’s approach is one of collaboration, honesty and trust, with progression and transformation at the heart. We value her passion, care and skill and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.’

Alaina, National Director of People & Culture, Mediacom 

‘We have seen individuals grow into strong leaders and teams become united’ 

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Testimonials from team coaching participants 

Craft your career

Define your values

(for teams) 

A career planning session to motivate and inspire your team on what lies ahead for them. Leave with ideas and tangible actions. 

Discover what truly matters, how    to live a more aligned life, and    how to take action that honours your beliefs. 

Learn how to effectively manage and sustain energy levels for high performance, deal with uncertainty and change, and have braver conversations. 



Motivating teams on-the-go 

For managers, learn the foundational coaching skills needed to empower your team and fast track their development. 

Upgrade how you give and receive feedback. Plus, learn how to build  an effective feedback culture in your team.  

For managers or teams, find out the most effective ways to help drive team motivation and performance. 


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check it out

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'Our business has partnered with Leigh to offer training for our managers in career development and coaching. Leigh delivered wonderful sessions and tailored her program to the needs of our organisation. We had record breaking participation and found the training interactive and the takeaway workbook impactful.'

Jessica Chen, People & Culture Advisor, OMG

‘Leigh is an expert in her field.’

My team
coaching programs

These virtual or in-person workshops are deep-dives, and can be customised to half, one and two day sessions. 

Designed to help your team learn and practice valuable skills, boost self awareness and team connection, and improve team dynamics.

Covering a variety of topics that deliver tangible outcomes in behaviour and attitude, through productive conversations and commitment to action. 

Team workshops

Sustainable leadership

Energy audit 

Emotional resilience

Supercharge your leaders by understanding how energy affects performance. Build new practices for effectively leading teams in new ways of working.

Apply the principles of emotional agility in awareness of self and others. Highly interactive, reflective and transformative.

Assess the energy levels of your team and how to enhance ways of working and establish rituals to support productivity. Includes action plans and strategies to make changes and embed.




I partner closely with your team, to embed change and super-charge the shifts you’d like to see, by working
closely with the team for three
months to a year.

These virtual and/or in-person memberships are bespoke to your team needs, and will be highly engaging and tailored for each team member. 

Help your team learn, practice and embed valuable skills, boost self awareness and team connection, and see dramatic improvement in your team dynamics and morale. 

Team coaching memberships 

Team dynamics and performance

Playing to strengths

Purpose, vision and values

Build team safety, growth mindset, connection using strengths, and understanding of self and others. Unlearn and relearn more effective habits, and effective team dynamics, to build or maintain your high-performance team. 

Have the team create and embrace how they want to work, and agree what they need to achieve. Align attitudes to strategy and action. Ideal for newly formed teams, new leaders or when your team has gone off-track.

Assess the skills and competencies of the team, and have a bespoke training and engagement program tailored to strengths and team goals. 




Success story:

Anny Havercroft, Director Brand Innovation, Verizon Media APAC


Verizon Media Australia

Previously, Leigh has been coaching the senior brand and trade marketing team at Verizon Media in Australia. During this time her support of the team has been invaluable, both in our personal circumstances adjusting to remote work and the impact of COVID-19, which then helped us adjust accordingly for delivery of our marketing plans, and in helping to deliver projects such as the Verizon Media Academy to our Clients and the wider communications industry. 

Leigh has continued to support the senior marketing team as they transitioned to remote working, helping them manage work from home in varying degrees including a change to routines, managing work around home schooling, and working in an isolated environment, all whilst keeping a focus on maintaining wellbeing, connection and congruence back to our individual and collective values. During this time the team’s main successes included double-digit growth in CRM database, audience and customer engagement. Two of the team were promoted into national leadership roles and me into a regional role. 

Leigh’s approach to working with us can only be described as empathetic, consultative and progressive. Leigh is a trusted adviser, confidant and bouncing board to me, and an asset to have working alongside the brand and marketing team, both personally and in helping us deliver world-class content. 
I thoroughly endorse Leigh as our industry’s best-of-the-best when it comes to mentors.


Business team coaching

I offer a variety of programs, from one-off masterclasses, through to ongoing monthly workshop series, training and consulting lasting many months and beyond.  

Book a discovery call with me and we can discuss your needs. During our call, I can recommend the program that will be most suitable. 

Sadly, no. I am very invested in your success, but the actions and decisions of you and your team are up to you and beyond my control. What I can promise is that I will help you create an environment where your chances of improved performance are far greater than they are today. 

Absolutely, book a discovery call to learn how I can support you to address a specific team challenge. 

Yes, with pleasure, I can help you to assess where the challenges lie and then co-create a bespoke session or series or workshops. You can contact me to discuss bespoke training.  

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Got more questions? 

I am happy to answer any questions. 


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I’m an experienced career coach and mentor here to help you improve your mindset, motivation and momentum. I believe everyone has the power to change their lives. It starts with taking responsibility.