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If only it were as simple as reading a book, or listening to a podcast. But if you’ve ever tried the DIY approach, you’ll know that the momentum fades away. You tend to focus on the surface-level problem, leaving the deeper issues unaddressed. After all, you can’t teach yourself skills you don’t have. The result? You don’t achieve the career transformation you were hoping for, and feel hopeless. But there is a better way. 

Working with me as your one on one coach, I’ll help you find direction, define your goals, and take action to reach them. 

Changing directions in your life and career, all while defining your values and living in an authentic way? Not easy. 

Unlock your career potential with a one on one coach

What to expect from working with me 

Define your values and live by them 

Find direction and create your future 

Have confidence in your choices 

What to expect

One on one career and leadership coaching 

Changing your career can mean many things — moving in a new direction, shifting sideways, or climbing the career ladder. I will help you clarify your career goals and take inspired action to meet them. 

I hold you accountable, but it’s not all doom, gloom and tears. Your journey includes a blend of light and dark, seriousness and cheerfulness, spiritual and practical. It’s not all rainbows, but it’s often lots of fun! 

An important question for you

If you suspect there could be more to life, and you aspire to more fulfilment, integrity, fun and success in your personal life and career, then let’s do this. If you feel that your ‘on paper’ success doesn’t align with your personal goals, it’s time to take action. You can create your future life, but it happens by choice, not by chance. 
My clients are a diverse bunch—men and women of all ages, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, parents and managers. What they have in common is a desire for more connection, impact and direction. 

Do you feel ready for deep change?


You worry that you’re not capable of the change you want


You want to change how you think and feel about yourself


Three signs you’re ready for a new career direction:

It doesn’t have to be this way

I’ve got the insights to help you unlock career success

You feel stuck in an unwanted comfort zone 

let's do it

One on one coaching is ideal for you if: 

You want more than surface-level change in your life 
You want a values-driven framework you can use to make decisions now and well into the future 
You are ready to shift the way you are thinking and feeling 
You need help unpacking your thoughts 
You are ready to be a better leader 


Want to learn more? Book a chat with me

You’re not ready if:

You want a quick fix to a single problem
You don’t want to change on a fundamental level 
You don’t want to apply introspection to your own life and decisions
You need deeper psychological support or are dealing with trauma 
You want to feel 100% happy after working with me 

What’s included 

Six monthly 90-minute sessions 

Keeping you on track and accountable 

Tailored sessions to address your concerns and improve your performance 

Book a call to see if I can help you


I’m an experienced career coach and mentor here to help you improve your mindset, motivation and momentum. I believe everyone has the power to change their lives. It starts with taking responsibility. 


I’m Leigh Morrison

Hey there!

I have twelve years of experience and have worked with more than 900 clients, both as individuals and in group coaching programs. What makes my heart sing is my clients describing me as calm, welcoming and caring. 
Coaching is a deeply personal commitment, so I love that many of my clients keep coming back to me for ongoing support, and they refer friends, family and colleagues to me.

I have a diploma in Transpersonal Life Coaching from Nature Care College, and I’m a certified HBDI (Human Brain Dominance Instrument) practitioner. I’m also a five-year volunteer coach with non-profit The Marketing Academy Australia.

Success story:

‘With her incredible ability to understand people and their patterns and blockages, Leigh ever so gently, yet powerfully, changed my life. She guided me through a career change that is aligned with my values, my wants and needs; she supported and guided me in negotiating salary, and made me realise and understand the blockages and patterns I had within me that prevented me from having a fulfilling career, and in a lot of ways, also in my personal life. 
‘Every session, Leigh whips out an Oprah a-ha moment that blows my socks off as she does it so calmly and lovingly. Investing in her coaching has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. I continue to work with Leigh, and I am so impressed and empowered after each session.’

From ‘no idea’ to a fulfilling career


Angie, Client Experience Director, Hairydog

‘It’s a really invaluable resource to be able to take an hour from your week to spend some time unpacking your thoughts and taking a step back to think through where you want to be going, as opposed to getting bogged down in the day-to-day. Leigh is great at asking the right questions to get you to work out your own answers, and has the right balance between listening and directing.’

Will, Head of Strategy & Co-Founder, Executive Coaching client

‘The right balance between listening and directing’

‘Leigh helped me work through a crossroads in my life. Stuck in a job that didn’t fulfil me, Leigh helped me understand my values and priorities, and work on practical ways of moving my life in a new direction. There was never any pressure to come to a particular conclusion. Leigh’s guidance helped so much! Her approach is extremely practical and I ended our sessions feeling so motivated and with absolute clarity about the steps I needed to take. I now have the tools to create that for myself without all the confusion and procrastination that I felt before. I highly recommend Leigh. She is such a kind person and a wonderful coach.’

Kate, Marketing Manager, Career Direction client 

‘Such a kind person and a wonderful coach’ 

‘The first session I had with her had an immediate effect on me. I was able to see why I was unhappy with my previous career choices. Having this clarity has helped me assess all parts of my life. Leigh doesn’t have any pre-conceptions, emotional baggage, expectations, sensitive no-go areas. Her only concern is you and what’s right for you.’

Kouhei, ex Marketing now Teacher, Career Direction client 

‘She had an immediate effect on me’

‘Leigh’s approach centres on creating clarity around your values and using the output as a compass to guide life choices, professional and personal. If you are looking for a well read, insightful and empathetic coach to support a transition I would highly recommend Leigh. Her guidance was a fundamental part of me successfully navigating one of the most significant career changes I have undertaken.’

Lisanne, General Manager - Marketing, Executive Coaching client 

‘A well-read, insightful and empathetic coach’

‘Leigh is a wonderful coach. She is calm and methodical and listens closely. I went to Leigh at a time when I felt I was at career crossroads – she helped me clarify what I loved doing and to value my skills. I always felt extremely motivated after seeing Leigh. She enabled me to clarify my values, set new goals and achieve them. Leigh had a direct impact on not only my career, but my personal life too. I can’t recommend Leigh more highly’.

Sian, Senior Researcher, Career Direction client 

‘I always felt extremely motivated after seeing Leigh’

‘I didn’t know how much I needed these sessions until we got into doing the work. This has completely transformed who I am both in my professional life and personal. I am a more well-rounded employee, colleague, wife and friend due to the hard work we accomplished together. Leigh is amazing at pushing you to find what the ‘real’ issues is, offering tried and tested tricks whilst keeping those lightbulb moments coming with each and every conversation. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone who is ready and willing to do the work. Trust me, it’s worth it.’’

Kate-Jane, Client Services Director, Executive Coaching client 

‘Leigh is amazing at pushing to you find the real issues’

‘She provided a clear road-map to personal and collective business success. She marries a good understanding of theory with a real understanding of day to day operations and realities. I became better able to manage internal and external stakeholders, manage uncertainty, plus navigate and understand periods of change. Leigh creates a real and meaningful connection with her clients to help them to excel in business and the wider world.’    

Sarah, Managing Director, Executive Coaching client   

‘I’ve really enjoyed my time working with Leigh.’

"Having an executive coach was a new experience for me. Leigh is a great listener and her ability to guide the conversation helped me get more out of the experience than I ever expected. Leigh worked me out very quickly, was easy to open up to and has an amazing skill of subtly scratching the surface of a point getting to the real issue. A highlight from my time working with Leigh was understanding my values and what kind of leader I want to be. These exercises and my time working with Leigh had a material impact on my presence as a business leader."

Drew, Marketing Portfolio Director, Executive Coaching client  

‘She gets to the real issue’

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More testimonials 

How coaching works 

Consider it an open conversation with someone to hold you accountable and help you create the life and career that you love, and the skills you need to live with integrity and harmony. 

Instead of telling what to do, I ask insightful questions that help you form confidence in your choices, and better understand how your actions impact yourself and others. It’s not a teacher/student relationship, and I’m not here to make you do things you don’t want
 to do. Instead, I’m going to help you empower you to take control, give your life direction, and improve your own wellbeing. 

Then, onboarding

First, book a discovery call

We’ll chat about how I can help you, especially: your specific career goals what to expect from the coaching process  ensuring you feel comfortable to embark on the journey ahead

Get to work

Once we agree to work together, you’ll complete a coaching agreement and profile. 

We start on your coaching sessions. 


Getting started is easy 



Choose from a variety of one on one coaching programs


Sustainable Leadership

Career Direction

Supporting ‘People’ People

Manager to Leader 

Learn how to improve your leadership and take a more values-led approach to the way you lead others and yourself. 



Sustainable Leadership

Career Direction

Supporting ‘People’ People

Manager to Leader 

Discover what you are really meant to do with your life and build a career that aligns with your strengths, values and purpose. 



Sustainable Leadership

Career Direction

Supporting ‘People’ People

Manager to Leader 

A dedicated program for people, culture and HR leads, based on my decade of experience in the HR sector. Gain valuable guidance on improving employee experience and engagement scores. Review the employee lifecycle and create a plan to improve deliverability on your objectives. You’ll also learn how to recalibrate your own energy levels to turn up in an inspired, sustainable way. 



Sustainable Leadership

Career Direction

Supporting ‘People’ People

Manager to Leader 

Uplevel your career by improving your skills and competencies in managing others. Lead and inspire your team with clarity, greater productivity, building an effective culture and team cohesion. 


Each six-month coaching package is AUD$3,300 incl. GST 
Pay in full, payment plans for 50% upfront and 50% midway.

1:1 coaching fees 


Book a discovery call with me and we can discuss your needs. During our conversation, I can recommend the program that will be most suitable or how we can customise it for you. 

Each program comprises monthly 90-minute coaching sessions for a minimum of six months. Many clients choose to continue working with me after the six-month program, on a quarterly or ad-hoc basis, as this helps them maintain momentum, get accountability and support.

Sadly, no. I am very invested in your success, but the action you take and the decisions you make is up to you and beyond my control.

I will send you an invoice after the discovery call. You can transfer the money into my account or transfer via Stripe from your card of choice.

If you participate in the first three coaching sessions, and do the work required, and you’re still not satisfied with the coaching experience, we can cease working together. After this stage there are no refunds, unless on compassionate grounds. The coaching agreement we enter into states that Coachees will share feedback on progress and the coaching relationship at each session, as we move through the program.

I’m sure you’ve already tried a few things, talking to friends or family, reading a few books, or a DIY program. But if you still haven’t achieved the lasting change you dream of, you need to explore a different way. When you tackle things alone, your motivation fades and you haven’t got anyone to challenge you, guide you or hold you accountable. I’ll be the cheerleader by your side, the whole way.

Working alongside a mentor is a wonderful opportunity, but it’s not the same as working with a coach. You are utterly reliant on the personality and approach of the person available, and some mentors take a more instructive approach. Mentoring can be limited to a single issue or problem, and mentors aren’t often equipped for the deep work that’s required for true transformation. Mentors tend to be wedded to their own model or approach, which may not work for you. The good thing is you can invest in coaching while also having a career mentor, giving you the best of both worlds. 

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Got more questions? 

I am happy to answer any questions. 



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I’m an experienced career coach and mentor here to help you improve your mindset, motivation and momentum. I believe everyone has the power to change their lives. It starts with taking responsibility.