What happens when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

Sometimes in life we feel like we’re stuck in a ditch, with no visibility of the way out. Directionless, or unmotivated, and not really sure how to budge our way out. For some of us, routine keeps us ticking over and can be such an advantage for getting things done, but on the other hand it can keeps us in familiar comforts and predicting what to expect. We all have our natural rhythms, and flow in life, so our beliefs form around what is.

For me, I better align with being organised and getting sh*t done, but in order keep momentum I need a focus. Knowing where I am headed, where I am (and where not to tread backwards into again). I’m no good with routine – I need things to be different each day – simple things like the time I eat…

At the moment, I’m finding myself stuck and uncomfortable. There is this weird bubbly feeling inside me. I call it restless. It makes me want to scramble and stretch free but equally like I want to be still and miserable. I can get emotional, and sabotage myself with choices I’m not entirely sure of. This restless feeling showed up a few months ago.

Noticing some of my beliefs recently helped me identify that I have fallen in a rut.

I’m ready for a transformation, but resisting it, but enjoying resisting it, but feeling miserable being restless. I can only laugh at myself really, as my life is pretty damn great, it’s just the sign I know so well; that new energy is needed. In the past it has usually played out through a change in career, traveling, some type of re-training or learning, a change in relationship, or a shift in interests. I get it every two to three years (so maybe I do have a routine…)

Perhaps you’re aware of when you’re stuck – what happens for you?

Do you listen or ignore it? Or feel like a crazy person (aka me…)

I’ve been sitting in my rut listening to what it is telling me, and it was identifying some long held beliefs about where I am and what I can achieve here. I found myself running, unable to stop running incredibly fast, like I need to get away. It was a great symbol that I need to move (but not escape…) So some decisions have been made on how to excitedly harness this – the new focus and momentum I need.

Experiment a little…

What can you do when you’re feeling like you’re in a rut?

Here are some suggestions…

Talk to other people, don’t feel alone. Speak to someone (or people) you really trust who support you no matter what crazy ideas you take to them. You find 99% of people support you when you vocalise what you’re feeling and can relate in some way.

Have a cry or a laugh. Don’t take it too seriously, as there is always a way out.

Write it down. See if any themes are emerging over time.

Focus on what you’ve achieved and love doing, not what is missing. This may help identify what you can create or build next. Play to your strengths and where you want to grow.

Accept it as a cycle, and know it will pass over. Try to listen even when what you’re feeling sucks, it doesn’t feel like the ‘normal’ you, and is uncomfortable or scary. It has a message for you.

Take a plunge. Maybe talk to your boss about a new challenge, or chat to friends or your partner about doing something new and different together so you’re not completely alone.

Break your routine. In a small or different way – even as simple as a new route to work, or a new café for your coffee, new recipes or meals.

Change your environment. New colours in your life, like the clothes you wear, the colours in your house like (get a new cushion!) Put a plant in your office or shift some furniture around.

It doesn’t need to be drastic (as I tend to do!) Harness the strength of the seasons, the rituals you have gotten used to, change and shake things up.  Ask, is it time for a shift in your perspective?

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