I always place a lot of emphasis on having an open, welcoming, tidy and aesthetically beautiful home – not in an expensive, show-off way but surrounding myself with trinkets and items that make me feel warm, secure and content.

Including splashes of colour, plenty of plants, open windows to have fresh breeze, and plenty of natural light. So it feels like an oasis from the outside world. I am fortunate in my life to have lived by the ocean, in the country, and in cities, some of the most beautiful spots on earth. I’m currently in a very beautiful suburb, of one of the most gorgeous cities of the world, and I am thankful each and every day.

Where I live, work and run my life from affects my happiness. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your place (or location and surrounds) effects your wellbeing.

From some of the points I raised above, the amount of natural light, the level of noise, the proximity to nature and level of toxins, the accessibility to transport and therefore ease to get around all impact how you start/ end and create your day.

I often ask people when they are struggling with their self-worth whether they have a sanctuary to retreat to. A place they love to be in, to relax, sleep and re-charge. A home they enjoy coming back to.

I know for me, one of the hardest struggles I’ve had was my first year of my business. I don’t think I could have been as strong, positive and successful without the ‘place’ I lived being so inspiring. I could get frustrated sitting at home every day waiting for some work to arrive on my desk, but knowing I could escape nearby for a walk, swim or meet a friend was incredibly comforting and kept me sane.

Place makes such a big difference.

Experiment a little…

Consider your ‘place’. How does your home, your street, your suburb, your country do to effect your state of mind and happiness?

Perhaps you have a noisy bus stop at your door keeping you awake til late at night, noisy neighbours, or you’re not taking any effort to make a house a home with some individual touches.

How are you able to make changes to improve your sense of wellbeing in your place and the environment around you?

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