Over 10 years ago I ceased watching and listening to the news. I chose to trust personal sources of information, or seek out the information only when I wanted to absorb it. There is a certain level of unavoidable snippets I cannot help be exposed to, a world-changing event like the Malaysian Airlines plane disappearance, or the COVID updates in 2020, political information around elections, but generally I am blissfully unaware of the daily happenings in the world – and try even harder to not be exposed to anything celebrities and socialites are up to.

Is it just me, or are other people this way too? I often wonder if it’s an age thing, am I simply becoming sensitive (or intolerant) to harsh information as I get older? Call it naïve if you like, but I call it smart. Being a sensitive person, I can easily absorb the unwanted energy; a high percentage of what is reported feels negative, scandalous and hurtful, and what I would describe as PR releases (not newsworthy topics).

I resist watching suspenseful, gory movies or graphic shows about serial killers and crime investigation too, I honestly don’t want those images and thoughts engrained in my memory. I also don’t want my sleep disrupted, as I experience a very different night of sleep if I have seen or experienced nasty visuals that day. Our brain holds onto visuals more easily that feelings and words, so why fill up my space with haunting images.

Another trick I have discovered this year is driving with the radio off. Tuning out is one sacrifice I am loving. I didn’t realise how much the energy of the presenters and the music can effect how you are. Music is an amazing mood shifter and when we are at the whim of a presenter it can affect us. When I drive now, I stream TED talks, select my playlist on Spotify, or quite often drive in silence if I am not chitchatting to my family. I like to observe my state, the driving experience, or often I need to prepare for the meeting I am about to attend – and the silence helps. It makes a difference for me. Instead of being fed noise I am in able to manage my state of mind and emotions.

Experiment a little…

How can you notice your sensitivity to media, and shift it a little to reduce your exposure to it?

Deny yourself for one trip to work, or a whole day and see what difference it makes?

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