It’s taken me a few weeks to get to writing up this interview as I am still feeling the effects of the conversation with Steve, and how exactly I wanted to interpret it into words has proved tricky. It’s actually quite hard because for me it’s a feeling, rather than an expression through language. I like to start these interviews with an observation or anecdote from the person I am discussing, and for Steve all that keeps ringing in my ears is the word ‘potency’. He mentions it further down the page in reference to living a passionate life, but trust me it vibrates out of him with force, and coincidently its such a reflection to how he currently leads his life, so I hope I can do him justice through the words I am about to write.

Steve is intense, wise, witty, hyperactive, calm, captivating. When he talks, you listen, and you need to listen to keep up. He talks with energy and has a clear point of view about what he is discussing, he is well researched and fluent in what some may call personal development principles, theories and ways of being. Old and new, spiritual and grounded, the whole bag. Steve is an entrepreneur, he thinks different, he is one of those people willing to give it a go. He’s intuitive and is able to connect in with his gut and read the energy of a room, or a person. He has this powerful way of reading you, not in a judgmental way, but it’s like he is piercing into your being.

It’s a weird combination, it’s polarising, but I must say I really like Steve. I love his wacky concepts and how the conversation leads from topic to topic quickly and easily. Every time I catch up with him I’m never quite sure what to expect, what kind of conversation journey we will embark on, and I always leave scratching my head wondering what just occurred. He’s had such a vast array of experiences in his lifetime, that some of us would only experience one of, he’s had them all catapult towards him, and he is open to sharing them.

I’ve been to several of Steve’s vibrational healing gong baths. It’s sort of an out of body experience, each time it’s a different effect but you float away, you don’t walk. It’s really transformative and potent (there is that word again!) So rather than me trying to define it any further, please read on and enjoy going on this journey with Steve and I…

L: What does having a ‘passion’ mean to you? Or define it in your own words?

S: My passion is a key driver and directional light in my life, it means that I am aligned, flowing, open to potentiality of life and the universe and what it offers. Sometimes it is actually more of what things are NOT to me, it’s things like no fear, no inertia, no internal dialogue, no activation of that internal critic.
Passion is an energy that can be used to transport you towards you dreams and vision. I often say, “the people with the passion hold the power” and that “choice not chance determines your destiny” and within that “love and passion can be blind and create limitless beauty and results’. I guess in other ways it’s also being aligned to, and with your belief. It’s a toughie, its like defining love really, we all know that feeling but it’s hard to describe.

L: What is your ‘passion’ in life, how would you describe it?

S: My passion is passion. Finding my own sense of self, being strong enough to live and be with what I find. Plus helping and guiding others to step away from their constraints in thinking or conditioning. This has a few focus areas though so it is a little had to encapsulate in a sentance. Here are some thoughts I have about describing it:
• Knowing myself and having a search/seeking plan, a plan that uplifts me and allows me to be healthy and feel a ‘lightness’
• Fun and creativity
• Relationship with a significant other
• Relationship with family
• Friends
• Vocation.

L: How did you awaken or discover it, or know when to start seeking a life guided by passions?

S: I think it discovered me, I couldn’t ignore the road signs – cancer, bankruptcy, broken marriage, work wars, insomnia – yes, it grabbed me! I was just a hard one to grab…

L: What feelings do you get when you are connected with your passion?

S: Expansion, drive, excitement and fulfilment… I’m a bit of feeler…

L: What was life like before and after all these events happened, when you connected living a passion-fuelled life?

S: Life before was exciting on the outside, yet empty on the inside. I describe it as a white knuckle roller coaster ride. I was screaming all the way up and all the way down through the rises and the falls. Now, the journey is unfolding differently, but I have these sneaky smiles that come up and grab me. I get these driving moments to go do something with what charges me up. I have way more brightness. It’s all changed work wise, loosing the $300k+ jobs, travelling all around the world, wild parties, fast cars and loss of ego driven stuff. Now, simply knowing I can help someone, I’m passionate about caring and feeling peace in my life.

L: What impact or difference has it made? Have you learnt anything?

S: Yes, lots! Know thyself, to look in new places, to gain trust, to know you will crash so make some mistakes. It is our capacity to recover, review and go forward that makes us. Forgiveness is a focus for me too, I’m still working on that one, especially forgiveness of myself.

L: What makes you persist at your passion or keep your momentum?

S: We are all in the matrix, didn’t you know that? The success derived from external things and meeting the expectations of others (or in my case, survival, fear and rebellion) is empty. So having a passionate life keeps me away from the emptiness and I’m not talking inner quietness or stillness. It is like we are working to stay with the inception of what we should be. There’s even a new way at the moment, I call it the excessive use of the ‘new age’.

L: Do you think you could get the same feeling doing other things?

S: YES! YES! and YES! I am seeking to find them and show others the way from a place of intrigue and gratitude.

L: What advise, helpful tips would you give someone else looking to find or discover what they’re passionate about?

S: Start with finding familiarity in the expansion and contraction of you. This is basic, not labelled emotions, not headwork, thoughts and compliance, just knowing. Knowing what gets you activated and knowing what hasn’t in the past. You start out binary and in black and white, then later you get a grey scale in your palette if you like, and then you learn colour. Once you know what you like, then you just have to be brave to choose it.

L: Steve offers a more practical way of connecting to yourself, in order to see if there are ways to connect with passion points…

S: Consider something you need to make a choice over. Start by standing still and saying, ‘yes, yes, yes’ for a few minutes and close your eyes and see what that feels like and then jump or walk around shake out and then try, ‘no, no, no’ for a few minutes. See if you can notice the difference. Check this out as you travel through life, its challenges and what brushes up against you. You will start to know you and then plot what you want to take, when you are in the flow. Then get clear of what your doing, have discernment, have trust and go forward. Gosh, I could say a whole lot more…

L: So what is getting you passionate at the moment?

S: I am currently developing new methods and ways of sharing my golden keys (or ideas) to show others how to do this and also coaching them to find what I like to call their POTENCY.

L: Do you think people have to ‘do’ their passion for work?

S: Hmmmm that’s a tough question… Work is a paradigm I struggle with, hence the use of the word vocation earlier. I found an old note book recently, on page one I had written, “I will never work again, I will only engage in finding or doing things I’m passionate about and love.” So I am ‘working’ on being present and connected with them.

L: How would you sum up your business or businesses?

S: Growing, helping, self-healing, practical, real, fun, embracing and wrapping around the life I am designing. It’s electro-herbalism, visionary art and entertainment, sound healing, potency coaching… and whatever hasn’t arrived yet.

Steve will be opening a potency coaching service later in the year and you will be able to check that out on

Here are some links to Steve’s vocations, shall we say. I am not sure I can do the experience justice in my own words, they are a sensory experience using these huge, influencing gong sound baths, projections and guided activations, check it out for yourself, in fact try it out for yourself up in Byron or when they do an East Coast tour.

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