Just to ‘be’ is one of the simple pleasures we can achieve as humans, or perhaps the ultimate for some.

Having a break, whatever that break means to you, clears space for ‘being’ to happen. I’ve been querying a lot and a little since being away, meeting lots of new people, getting feedback from strangers I may never speak with again but valuing their observations and insights, and witnessing and experiencing so many new things. Different ways of viewing our world. It’s quite magical to be able to feel peace within your environment, no matter where you are, and what chaos is going on around you.

There is something to be said for making choices and then being responsible for their creation.

Consider the question, what does ‘being’ mean for you?

When are you at your best, when are you not so clear, and what enables these different perspectives and behaviours?

Can you accept that you are whole and that we each have so many varied states? We aren’t robots, we are real. Being for me is about acceptance. The ability to know that I am where I am and that is okay. Knowing this frees me up to decide if that place is where I want to stay or if I am ready and able to shift. To transition and move on, that ability to internally oversee and guide. From lazy days, through misunderstandings and complete comprehension, it’s all so wonderful. Given the ability to look back and laugh, rejoice, forgive, be grateful or simply wonder, it’s all part of what makes up who you are.

Experiment a little…

What does ‘being’ mean to you?

How you can start to live it, create and own it.

Allow yourself the freedom to play and dream up what you’d like to manifest, dream and then action to create.

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