I’ll keep drumming this in, managing time comes down to discipline. Which means you need to be able to manage your time, your way.

One aspect of this is understanding what your approach to time is. We are all different in the way we approach the world, and generally speaking (not meaning to box people in) there are generally two types of time orientations, one is ‘through time’ and the other is ‘in time’.


What is your time orientation?

Through Time
– Adopts a planned and orderly lifestyle
– Values closure
– Makes decisions to get things off their desk
– Works best when has plan and follows that plan
– Schedules and plans to avoid last-minute rushes
– Dislikes uncertainty
– Likes order and structure
– Goal-oriented
– Work now/play later attitude
– Likes to complete projects

In Time
– Adopts a flexible and spontaneous lifestyle
– Values open ended situations
– Looks for more info before making a decision
– Works best moving between projects/ interests
– Enjoys adrenaline of last-minute rush/ deadlines
– Likes ambiguity
– Likes going with the flow
– Process-oriented
– Play now/work later attitude
– Likes to start projects

Experiment a little…

Take the above quiz to see which side you tick most of the boxes on to determine your time orientation. As you look at each line, consider which natural inclination you have and which one suits your way of working best.

THROUGH TIME APPROACH: this orientation is more ordered and processed driven, with a goal in place and the steps clearly defined on how to get there.

IN TIME APPROACH: this orientation is more spontaneous, preferring to be in the moment and work on tasks in a less structured way, in-time people often enjoy the last minute rush to get something completed.

Both are still able to achieve outcomes, but knowing the differences in time orientation can help you understand how to work effectively with your partner, children and colleagues better. It can also help you have appreciation for one another’s differences and openly discuss better ways of working to achieve success.

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