Being connected is crucial to our survival and success as human beings.

We need it, want it, and have to have it. Its present in the most widely known theories, such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, from the survival stage right through to enlightenment level – connection, or a union with others and things, is ever present.

I was challenged trying to work out the purpose of this blog, as connectivity is such a massive concept, it can relate to our lives on so many levels; from the connection with yourself, your business or career, colleagues, Clients, friends, family, partner, children, wider community, nature, animals, how we communicate through technology, looking at the concept of law of attraction, what energy you produce and attract, my gosh the list is endless…

How do you connect with your world?

So in an effort to simplify and just open up your awareness, my point is to take a moment to consider ‘your connectivity with your world’ and address which ones are genuine and therefore fuelling you and what you can change to make sure your connections are serving your purpose.

From a personal level, I need connection in my everyday – from sharing ideas, energy, having conversations, emails, writing, speaking, laughing, right through to touch and tactile forms of energy. It’s so critical to my existence, and I’m certain others feel this way – only they may not be aware of its magnitude.

I’ve put the word ‘CONNECTION’ up on my wall at home. It serves three purposes. It’s a conscious effort to look at what I want to attract more of in my life to feel abundance, to help me identify what energies (people and activities) add or compliment my life, and which ones drain or confuse me.

Connectivity has been top of mind since going into my coaching business full time. So let me use this as the example today. I’ll admit I’ve been getting lonely here by myself and craved, seeked and been desperate for the company of others. I’ve learnt the solution is to collaborate. I need to create a business where I join forces with others. Not only my Clients, but on other projects, that allow me to express my values, creative desires and also keep me linked to others – from a personal, community and also global level. Taking matters into my own hands for one project I want to get off the ground, I’ve asked friends to work with me on some writing that I’m now more suddenly way more excited over and feel will be so much better with their involvement.

For my Clients, I need to connect on a level of support, empathy, and compassion. Whilst strengthening my boundaries, but also managing the ability to shift them forward in the way they want to make change or transition in their life.

It’s critical in my line of work and for me to be a successful coach, that I also feel connected to myself. I need to be able to tap into what I am feeling at the moment and on that day. I need to connect physically by doing exercise and shifting the energy around my body, cleansing my skin and spirit in the ocean water, sitting and observing nature, getting adequate rest. I need to connect with my mind by being still every day. I need to be mindful of how I am feeling, acting and ensure I am connected to my Client as they walk in the door.

In creating ‘be.’ as a business these past few months, I’ve also had to be aware, assertive and quite decisive about what projects and opportunities are draining me. I want a business that stands for integrity, so I need to assess what feels and allows me to act with authenticity. It’s really tricky, especially when you’re trying to grow.

Experiment a little…

So how about you? Let’s see where your connection lines are at the moment.

Try building a connection map.

It can be a mind map, which you draw or simply visualise. Create it in a way that has significance to you. Open up your energy to all that you’re connected to, look at how and why you’re connected. These are not connections you ‘should’ have, they are all the connections you ‘do’ have currently. It could be individuals, groups or online communities, parts of nature like the ocean or a certain tree, a regular practice you have like surfing or walking, a particular book or quote you like to get regular doses of. Take a couple of days if need be to really reflect on all the connections in your life.

Next, consider all the connections that fuel you, drain you and what new connections you may like to attract. Ask yourself:
– What connections fuel me and do I need regular doses of?
– What connections drain me that I would like to let go of?
– What connections feel like they are missing, that I would like to attract more of?
– What is one thing can I change for each of the above (fuel, drain, attract) to feel more connected?

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