The task and intention
To bring more adventure into my life
Try new things
Not feel so stuck
Changing career
A tonne of ideas
Feel the sense of freedom
To live a little
Not screw up my nose
Not have fear
Not have things holding me back
Be brave
Be bold
A touch more courage
So I said yes more
I tickled my toe in
Swam in the ice-cold water
Picked up a tarantula
Ate what was on my plate
Tried new coloured clothes
Wore jeans not dresses
Said new words
All these ways of changing
And a sense of growth
Making me feel whole
Able to talk about different things
Pushing my comfort
Pushing my limits
Did I become too reckless?
Was I beginning to say yes to everything…
Where is the balance?
Where is the control?
Where do you stop?
I don’t want to hurt myself in the process
Who is this new ‘me’
I like her
I don’t really know her
But I welcome her
She wants to express and feel
Breathe and hold
It’s sensory and strange
It’s fun and exhilarating
Trying new things
We should all try it more often…

Experiment a little…

What does ADVENTURE mean to you?
What’s a way you can bring more adventure into your world?

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