So for a year I tried to remove a word I use in my daily language, in fact I use (or used to use…) it in almost every email and conversation – and that word is ‘hope’. I may be controversial in others point of view here, but I really don’t like the concept of ‘hope’ and I’m not really sure on why I’ve used it for many years. Perhaps habit, like most beliefs and language we cling onto.

Beliefs and their control over our lives, through choices, relationships and our future have become really apparent to me through my work in the last couple of months.

I actually don’t ‘hope’ for things and situations for people (or myself) any more. I believe. With belief, for me, comes more substance, momentum and knowing.

Through this shift in my language I’ve become aware of a belief I held around ‘wishing’ or ‘hoping’ for the best, but actually I know great things are accessible to us all. I’ve fallen back in love with the essence of my business – ‘be’ing. How its more than just wanting, willing, should-ing, saying, doing and feeling – it is actually embracing and being who you are – and how that evolves in time. What is.

I know that from other coaches, friends, family, literature, scriptures and systems of beliefs other people hold, that they cherish hope. For me it feels a little powerless and not anchored in any type of action or commitment towards what is, and a belief in the changes we are capable of.

I’ve been replacing it with language that is more present, power-filled and certain. I don’t ‘hope’ anymore, instead I know and direct energy towards what I believe people are capable of. It may seem subtle but it has impacted a lot of my conversations and the effectiveness of my coaching work. The impact of our language (based on beliefs) is truly transformative.

With my kundalini training I’ve been introduced to the work of Bruce Lipton, his book the Biology of Belief has reminded me (from my days of study) how much impact what we believe and say about ourselves manifests in our reality, and in every cell of our body – affecting all elements of our health and wellbeing. It’s a combination of science and spirituality that my left and right brain love.

Now onto that next word… Perfect…

Experiment a little…

See if there is a word in your language that is shaping a belief you have about yourself.

How can you start to remove it and be more congruent with what is?

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